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Legal Cell Service

There are as we know, many cases in the National and International level, pending disposal by the concerned Courts or authorities. A new Legal Cell is, therefore, envisioned to answer these issues. The legal cell is a private legal consulting firm conducting legal research, analysis and legal outsourcing for individuals and organizations all over the world who need to supplement their cause of action for the betterment of society. We have a separate division to take care of migrants’ rights issues, advocacy and public outreach. The legal cell is commited in protecting the rights and liberties of immigrants as a whole.

Web campaigns and web applications are developed in concert with the goals of the client in order to achieve maximum impact in the most efficient means possible. The Legal Cell will use web based networks, online ads, social media campaigns etc., to create awareness.

Special features of the Legal Cell:-

  • It will be headed by experts in the various disciplines of Law.
  • It will have the support of the National and International Exposure.
  • It will have the support of the Human Rights NGO's.
  • It will be supported by Lobbyists if the nature of the case warrants such support.

  • Facility to meet the legal experts from India, UK and the US:-

    Apart from the correspondence through the Web, a client is desirous of meet the Legal Experts for a personal appraisal, he or she can get in touch with us and fix an appointment and hold discussions. Now available Indian, UK and US Legal Practitioners choosing from amongst the various alternatives.
    Visit Law and Legal Cell Website

    virtual offices packages

    Everything you need in an office is already assembled and available at a fraction of the cost. It is based on the virtual office concept, a unique turnkey service is now being offered to our clients.    
    For more information on how we delivers style and prestige to your business propositions, please click the link at: Offices India
    , Vallarpadam Partners and Web Marketing.




    Over the years, many have been interested on our tourism Web Sites. In our efforts to offer you the best, we have entered into deals with many leaders in the industry to offer you exciting   Travel Services

    We hope these services would help you make a memorable vacation. For more travel and deals please contact us at our Travel Support.


    MintValley E-Tourism, the travel division is using internet technologies to transfer key tourism-promotion, resort management support and group marketing concepts.

    A look on how to better showcase the diversity of our nations heritage, culture and destinations. Our target market includes travel and tourism especially adventure sports and e-tourism. Read more at our E-Tourism Projects Here.


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