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The following Partners are intents to provide you valuable suggestions and recommendation based on your needs by observing the market trends within each state and country from a businessman's point of view, it provides information and data to gauge the growth of the industry and to enable you to keep an eye on the trendsetters. Interestingly these sites also caters to the needs of the common customer under the same roof in choosing his favorite brand and to be well informed of the quality and durability of various brands available within ones own locality.

B2B Group Of Web Sites & More
  Outsourcing B2B Integration (B2B)  |  MintValley Group Of Web Sites
Water Sports & Adventures IndiaThe Colorful Tropical Flowering, The Emeralds!
 The Exotic and Natural Blends! Emerald Islands! Cruises & Cruise Travel Information, Asia 
 Air Travel Information, India.
Port Based Industries Vallarpadam, Vypeen
The Wonders of The Sea! | A Virtual Office that serve Virtually all Needs! 
 Search Engine Advertising & MarketingYachts (B2B) Business Alliance
Protect the Environment. Our Earth is in serious trouble!

Airlines, Travel and Accommodation
India is home to around 300 million middle class citizens and according to a recent survey, Indians rank third in travel spending in the world. Most of her tourists travel by air, rail and by road for vacationing.; ; ; ;

Boating, Yachting & Indian Ocean Islands
This site provides information of boating, Inland waterways including the NW3 (West Coast Canal) safety etc. which offers boaters a mythical and adventurous tour of Kerala's famed backwaters. Information about Yachting, Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean Islands, National waterways, Maps, Yachting History etc. It's worth taking the effort to surf on Yachts to get all the information about yachting in India.  / / /


CruiseLines India explores the market for CruiseLines travel in India.
It would have a detailed list of the CruiseLine Operators, their Ships, Facilities, Travel Packages, Schedules, Destinations, Port Details and much more to interest the travelers and operators around the world.

Harbour Marina
The Harbour Marina and Yacht Club is under development near the scenic beauty of Cochin Harbour, one of the safest natural harbours on India's southwestern coast, Kerala. The Marina will offer a full range of vacation cruises, yachting, adventure cruises, backwater cruises, cocktail sunset cruises, charters for filming marine life, sport fishing charters, scuba classes, scuba vacations and other watersports activities.

We welcomes inquiries from potential investors who wish to share in our success. Additional information please contact us at:
Web Site:

HVAC  (Air Conditioning)
The stunning advances in electronic computing and Micro-processing the ability to control building comfort equipments (Air Conditioners) at new levels. These advances promise to be the keys to improve the HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) efficiency. HVAC Earth / / /

The Internet and developments in Information and Communication Technologies have revolutionized the entire business world. This provided unprecedented opportunities for HVAC/R changing its structure of the sales and distribution channels and re-engineering all processes.

The HVAC/R industry in Saudi Arabia has been witnessing an impressive growth that valued at US$1.1 billion per year. American and Japanese products have traditionally dominated the Saudi market for air-conditioning equipments. As the brand awareness amongst consumers increases, more leading brands will be entered in this part of the globe.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is characterized by its hot and humid temperatures, a high per capita income and a relatively low electricity cost, all which combine to make this the most lucrative market for HVAC units.
Bahrain offers itself as a premier investment location among the Gulf region. The economy is based on oil, and oil revenues have financed modernization of the country which transformed itself into an important financial & banking center of the Middle East.

Trade remains the life-blood of Dubai's business life for generations. This long trading tradition, which earned Dubai the reputation within the Middle East as "the city of merchants".

This portal will focus on Trade, Tourism, Shopping, Education, Sports, Vogue and Fashion, Social issues and a variety of other topics that would be beneficial to all.

Ports, Marinas : /
Orchids :
Homestay :

Watersports : /
Grilles :
Law & Human Rights : / /
Legal Literacy :

This site covers experiences of many expatriate workers and investors in United Arab Emirates (UAE) who have languished in jails for no fault of theirs and their testimonials speaks volumes of the tribulations which a foreign national would invariably undergo in the present autocratic executive system of that country.

Though the UAE boasts a free economy and a stable business environment, uae prison serves to expose the gloom behind the glitter and highlights the experiences met by the expatriate businessmen and others.   


We invite enquiries from prospective Investors, Suppliers and Institutions willing to participate in our business propositions.

For further details please contact us at:

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B2B Group Of Web Sites & More
  MintValley Group Of Web Sites Outsourcing B2B Integration (B2B) | A Virtual Office that serve Virtually all Needs! 
Water Sports & Adventures IndiaThe Colorful Tropical Flowering, The Emeralds!The Wonders of The Sea!
 The Exotic and Natural Blends! Emerald Islands! Cruises & Cruise Travel Information, Asia 
 Air Travel Information, India.
Port Based Industries Vallarpadam, Vypeen
 Search Engine Advertising & MarketingYachts (B2B) Business Alliance
Protect the Environment. Our Earth is in serious trouble!