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E-Tourism Destination
Kochi an E-Tourism Destination
SAFE Optic Fibre Cable Project 

Kochi an E-Tourism Destination
Kochi (Cochin), The Queen of the Arabian Sea, is the commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan capital of Kerala. Kochi is the landing point for all visitors visiting Kerala and was a major center of commerce and trade with the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the British in the past. Kochi has one of the finest natural harbours in the world and is strategically located on the East - West sea trade route from Europe to Australia.

Kochi trade links with the Arabs and Chinese is said to be atleast 2000 years old. The first Europeans arrived here in the 15th Century. Trade links with the Portuguese flourished Kochi soon became a Portuguese colony. The Dutch arrived towards the end of the 15th century overthrowing the Portuguese. 

The Queen of the Arabian Sea has gone through periods of colonization and has been exposed to all to all major cultures and types of businesses. The city has a numerous nature, water sports, Ayurveda and heritage tourist centers which no visitor to this famed city can avoid. Not to speak of the variety of merchandise available for the Shopper. It houses the Stock Exchange Center in Kerala State and is also a major auction center for tea and spices like ginger, cinnamon, pepper and cardamom.

The tourism industry in Kochi city over the years has developed to an extent where nearly 2 Lakhs tourists visit her annually. There is much scope for further development in the tourism industry in Kochi due to her strategic location and the modern facilities offered here unlike other cities in South India. The weather is reasonably warm and is plenty in Sunshine and fresh Water.

SAFE Optic Fibre Cable Project
Kochi prides in being the only international internet gateway in South Asia for the South Africa Far East (SAFE) Submarine cable project -total length of 28,800 kms- for high speed internet access and communications, therefore communication facilities here are very much up to international standards. This city has prospects for being the next Information Technology Center in South Asia due to the SAFE project and the abundant intellectual manpower available here. 

The already implemented SAFE cable project has vastly improved the security and availability of telecom links between Europe and Asia and as an alternate route from West Asia to East Asia and has enhanced the bandwidth for the mushrooming Internet, telecom and multimedia traffic from these regions. With its only landing point in India at Kochi, the SAFE Cable Projects other landing points include Cape Town (South Africa), bay Jacote (Mauritius), St.paul (Reunion Island) and Penang (Malaysia). This connectivity has been further extended up to Portugal. 

The SAFE Cable System has a capacity of 7.3 Million simultaneous telephone calls, (The initial equipped capacity of the system will be 80 GB expandable to 120-160 GB) 1.5 Million hi-speed data channels (64K equivalent) and 12,000 (8MB) digital video channels.
Kochi has a full-fledged Software Export Zone and a most modern Port. The Infrastructure in existence here is the best compared to other cities of South India. There are a number of tourism, Power and Telecommunication projects in progress with the aid of local and international agencies.
The Cochin International Airport located at Nedumbassery (a village in Kochi) is well connected to all major cities of India and destinations in the Middle East. Some of the Airlines operating daily flights from here are Air India, Indian Airlines, Oman Air and Kuwait Airways. 

Being the only gateway in South Asia to the worlds Sophisticated, high capacity and speed telecommunication SAFE cable project, modern infrastructure, abundant intellectual manpower and a well-developed tourism industry. There are numerous opportunities for investing here both in the IT sector and the tourism industry. 

Mintvalley Technologies is committed in making Kochi "The Queen of the E-Tourism industry" by implementing and commissioning its E-tourism projects and seeks an active participation and interest from you. 

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